The business model of the automotive industry has moved online. Consumers use the Internet as their primary tool for comparison shopping and for identifying the best deals.

Smart Zones is used to evaluate the current make, model, year, ownership and the life stage and affluence of prospective buyers. We also screen for proximity to the trade area of one of 11,000 car dealers. Once identified, we rank the zones of qualified buyers based on historic media activity in categories like auto, insurance and finance. Recent activity in select categories can be an indicator that buyers are in the market. Smart Zones connects the dots on car buying behavior and generates maximum qualified reach to buyers.

The Proof Is in the Numbers

Over 250 Million Individuals and 140 Million Households

Reach as many as three times the number of unique users in the U.S. and Canada on the devices that they most favor.

Model Audiences by Consideration Sets

Every household has a profile and a preference score for 12 different auto consideration sets.

Target by Dealer Trade Area

Smart Zones maps over 11,000 dealers by make and model to determine the likely trade area for each dealer. Prospects are ranked in part by distance to each dealer.

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