Consumers shop retail nearly everyday. They also do research and buy online. The two anchor principles of retail marketing are matching the relevancy of your product or service to the buyer, and then reaching them when they are ready to transact. Stay relevant to consumers by being connected to the research they do, and be accessible when they shop and buy. Qualify consumers based on other known buyers and buying patterns, and deliver custom-tailored messaging to the devices they use the most.

The Proof Is in the Numbers

Over 250 Million Individuals and 140 Households

Connect your advertising to any consumer, wherever they are online, including reaching them at home, at work, and at over 10 million wireless and WiFi hotspot locations all over the U.S.

1.8+ Billion IP Addresses in the U.S. and Canadian

Convert any offline customer or prospect list or IP log to a target-ready Smart Zone audience. Connect your advertising to qualified consumers wherever they are online.

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