Travel and entertainment decisions are linked to affluence and to the user's online behavior and interests. Smart Zones connects with consumers who have the resources and propensity to travel. They are measured across multiple attributes, including: age, lifestyle, education, social engagement and their affluence profile. Audiences can also be derived on the Smart Zones platform by simply loading a list of known travelers and generating a look-alike audience. Smart Zones makes it easy to build qualified promotional lists and link them to the media and website content that users will find useful in making a travel or entertainment purchase.

The Proof Is in the Numbers

Over 250 Million Individuals and Over 140 Million Households

Reach qualified users that are online, on the device they prefer.

Audiences Qualified by Their Peers

Smart Zones on-demand features, include audience derived look-alike models and audience ranking for contextual media interests and life stage.

Audiences by Interests and Ability to Pay

Reach qualified consumers at scale with an offer that is the best match to their lifestyle and interests.

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Smart Zones Industry Overview

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