Unparalleled IP Targeting and Data Management

Semcasting is a compiler of the mission-critical information that financial services, medical and healthcare, automotive, home services, hi-tech, retail products and B2B services use to define and promote their business. Semcasting pioneered the use of IP targeting with machine learning as a way to maximize customer reach on any device with complete audience transparency. Using a patented process for mapping deep customer profiles to devices and delivery points, we help organizations onboard their CRM data, identify new prospect audiences, create qualified leads, and track audience performance at the household, business and device level.

Reach 100% of your audience.
Conventional audience targeting has traditionally been based on cookies. Cookie onboarding only delivers access to roughly 30% of your audience – often with a 3-4X duplication rate in unique users. Semcasting’s IP targeting technology provides reach to more than 400+ million devices and networks with coverage of more than 2 billion IP addresses. IP delivery points are updated every 15 minutes, including 132 million homes, 23+ million businesses, schools, convention centers and other public venues – all linked to precise time and date of device, network and location.

Connect with audiences anywhere, on any device.
Target audiences at home, school or work, on their desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, IP radio, smart home devices and addressable television.

Onboard a CRM or list to bring direct mail accuracy into online marketing.
Match any CRM audience or website log for precise CRM targeting at the household or business level. Smart Zones provides a match rate of 85-90% with no duplication.

Identify audiences and segments more accurately.
Our data as a service (DaaS) platform is used by hundreds of brands and agencies each month for matching audiences to digital delivery points on multiple devices. Where cookie matching relies on emails or inferred interests from web traffic for onboarding and audience targeting, Smart Zones automatically matches, scores and enhances mailing lists, CRM files or IP addresses with 750 deterministic attributes per record – providing actionable insight for better segmentation and targeting:

Map back every anonymous website visitor to an actual prospect.
Our UDX-Leads Generation technology lets you convert anonymous website visitors to names, addresses and emails, enhancing other analytics services and providing actionable audience insight.

Take geo-targeting/location-based campaigns to the next level.
Gain access to over 400+ million mobile device IDs at property dimensions of the business or public venues such as a stadium, park, hotel or convention center. Updated every fifteen minutes, Smart Zones supports on-site or cross-device access follow up.

Audience Segments that Learn.
Semcasting’s look-alike modeling and audience optimization technology utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to upgrade each audience segment based on the performance of the campaign. Each household, business or device in an audience is enhanced by hundreds of attributes when it is created. These attributes represent the DNA of the audience. As impressions are delivered, record performance is measured and the optimal DNA combinations, along with the location and day and time for device engagement, are prioritized.

Proving that your marketing works.
Semcasting’s Attribution and Matchback process is uniquely transparent and deterministic. Unlike cookies, the onboarding and modeled attribution, the IP, device and time matching process is one-to-one. With Smart Zones you can measure the effectiveness of each audience in every marketing campaign. Semcasting attribution is deterministic, able to link a CRM mailing list to ad impressions, clicks, abandoned forms, online purchases, in-store visits and even many offline transactions.