Reach the Right Audience Every Time with IP Targeting

Big brands and agencies are embracing the reality that their cookie-based targeting efforts are producing lackluster results. Digital attribution and detailed reporting remains obscure, while intelligent audience targeting based on big data is necessary to remain competitive. With Semcasting’s patented Smart Zones audience targeting platform – using both analytics and actionable data – advertisers and agencies can now link any user to their Internet footprint, providing nearly 100 percent reach, accuracy, and transparency to precise audiences on any device.

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Partnering with Semcasting for Your Digital Audience Targeting Includes:

  • IP Targeting: enables brands and agencies to identify qualified households and businesses based on Internet protocol addresses, a technically-superior method for reaching specific customers at scale than traditional cookie-based targeting.

  • Big Data & Look-alike Modeling: expands audience reach by using Semcasting’s patented analytics to build larger qualified audiences based on your customer CRM targets and Impressions data.

  • Mobile Targeting & Mobile Geofencing: transparently pinpoints and links audiences to homes, schools, and businesses, serving customized advertising based on audience attributes and current behavior.

  • Digital Attribution & Closed-Loop Analytics: provides deeper insight into your audience targeting efforts by connecting online and offline activity. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”; audience match-backs and closed-loop analytics ensures accuracy and better forecasting.

Semcasting clients are using Smart Zones’ cutting-edge marketing technologies to achieve more effective digital advertising campaigns with nearly 100 percent reach.

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B2B Online CRM Targeting with Smart Zones

Business Zones

With Smart Zones for Business, you have access to more than 23 million businesses across the U.S and Canada and 20 million business leaders at their home address. Select individual businesses or industry codes, match domains, revenue and/or identify business leaders at home, work or on any device.

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Consumer IP Targeting and One-to-One Marketing

Consumer Zones

With Smart Zones for Consumers, you have access to over 265 million online individuals, enhanced with over 750 demographic, socioeconomic, and purchase history variables. You always have full transparency to the individuals and devices preferred by your audience.

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Mobile IP Targeting and Geofencing

Mobile Footprints

Mobile Footprints provides informed access and one-to-one reach to mobile devices regardless of whether they are on a Wi-Fi connection or on a nationwide network carrier-based signal. Mobile Footprints targets a deterministic map of over 125 million homes, 23 million businesses, and 170 million mobile devices.

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Closed-Loop Analytics and Digital Attribution with First-Party Data

Site Visitor Attribution

Site Visitor Attribution (SVA) gives marketers and their agencies actionable insight into all of the traffic to their site, regardless of where that traffic is coming from. SVA monitors and reports on multichannel marketing programs, but it also is a one-step lead generation tool for B2B campaigns.

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Contextual Targeting and Campaign Optimization

Media Zones

Media Zones predicts the results of any digital campaign before a single impression is ever served. From thousands of campaigns and billions of prior impressions, Media Zones determines up front which categories of media and which sites will perform best.

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Look-Alike Modeling and First-Party Data Activation

Big Data & Analytics

Big Data and analytics are at the core of our business. Our patented automated predictive modeling platform is used to build over 750 data elements for every U.S. household and business. Our patented Smart Zones technology identifies the ISP delivery points of over 1.8 billion IP addresses, linking households, neighborhoods, schools, governments and businesses to audiences, websites and devices. Our Big Data and analytics tools are used every day to connect advertisers and agencies with the right audiences.

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