Mobile Cross-Device IP Targeting

Semcasting Mobile Footprints provides informed access and one-to-one mobile targeting to any device regardless of whether they are connected to Wi-Fi or a nationwide carrier-based network.

Mobile Footprints covers a deterministic map of over 125 million homes, 23 million businesses, and 295 million unique mobile devices per month. Mobile Footprints offers one-to-one audience selection by providing deterministic matching to CRM databases, mailing lists, site traffic, household demographic profiles, or business firmographic intelligence. Mobile Footprints devices cover schools, homes, businesses, and many locations in-between.

Smart Zones Data Activation

How Does It Work?

Mobile Footprints campaigns can start with any CRM consumer or business file in postal or IP form. Marketers can also define an audience by demographic and firmographic attributes with Semcasting’s data management platform. The audience is ingested into Semcasting Smart Zones® to match against the IP addresses of those locations, identifying the mobile devices present over the last seven days.

Actionable Data Onboarding

Device and Location Extension

Every identified mobile device can then be mapped back to any other location visited over the last 7 to 90 days. Using the Semcasting Smart Zones® process to identify other devices and network modems in mapped locations, audiences can be extended and reached with cross-device IP targeting.

Profile Reports with Actionable Offline Data

Mobile Footprints Profile Reports

Pull a profile report of each matched audience to confirm audience accuracy and make selections based on offline data demographics such as age, income, life stage, home ownership, or behavioral intent.

Semcasting Overview Datasheet

Mobile Footprints Overview

Download our Mobile Footprints Overview to learn more about this unique one-to-one mobile targeting solution.

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