Is the Right Audience Visiting My Site, and Who are They?

Site Visitor Attribution (SVA) addresses the key challenge of measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns to achieve truly effective closed-loop analytics.

Current site analytics and digital attribution solutions typically monitor and report on website traffic trends and conversions. However, these tools can depend solely on site conversions to identify visitors and forecast whether a specific marketing activity is driving engagement. Semcasting SVA is a closed-loop analytics solution that provides business and consumer marketers with data-rich online and offline Smart Zones profiles of every site and store visitor, deterministically linking them to marketing efforts in search, display advertising, direct mail, and even television.

SVA also uniquely supports the ability of B2B online marketers to directly convert site visits into qualified sales leads at scale.

Smart Zones Data Activation

How Does SVA Work?

Powered by Smart Zones, SVA is a FREE service that supports any organization by simply placing a tag on their public-facing site. Each tag generates a small real-time log file that records anonymous visits to each page on your site. These logs are automatically collected, encrypted, and posted to a secure cloud environment. Smart Zones then matches and validates the files against the Semcasting data management platform for conversion, reporting, retargeting, and lead generation. These actionable data solutions are an asset to any IP targeting or digital attribution campaign.

What are the Benefits of Using SVA?

SVA provides marketers with a digital attribution and matchback solution that goes beyond the forecast-based analytics and methodologies of current platforms.

Generate Site Visitor Profiles Based on Actionable Data

Site Visitor Profile Reporting

Transparently match every site visitor in the Semcasting data management platform and generate profiles based on actionable data attributes

Measure the Impact of Your Marketing Campaigns

Closed-Loop Analytics

Measure the impact of marketing programs and trade areas by matching mobile and site visitors back to CRM files, ads served, and specific outcomes

Smart Zones Cookie-Free Privacy

Cookie-Free IP Retargeting

Retarget every visitor without cookies using Smart Zones IP targeting

Link Anonymous Site Visitors to Firmographic Information

B2B Online Lead Generation

Link anonymous business visitors to verified location and firmographic information for lead generation and competitive analysis

Semcasting Overview Datasheet

SVA Overview

Download the SVA Overview.

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Semcasting Smart Zones Profile Report Download

SVA Sample Reporting

Download a SVA sample report.

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