Reaching Audiences at Home, at Work and on Any Device

Semcasting Smart Zones® provides cloud-based data management for campaign audience building, profile reporting, digital attribution, and offline-to-online onboarding - all on a single, secure platform.

Designed to serve the needs of brands and agencies, Semcasting Smart Zones® delivers superior ROI and conversion results by providing transparency in audience building, media planning, CRM targeting and enhancement, and digital attribution. Semcasting dynamically combines online and offline data to improve the efficacy of display advertising through intelligent IP targeting.

Smart Zones Data Activation

What is Semcasting Smart Zones®?

Smart Zones is a Semcasting-patented audience targeting platform that provides nearly 100 percent online reach to homes, institutions, businesses and devices — all while protecting user privacy.

Actionable Data Onboarding

How Does It Work?

The Semcasting Smart Zones® technology profiles and maps the attributes of every online home, business, school, and device to the delivery points of the Internet service providers. Advertisers are provided three times the reach and complete transparency to the attributes that define every online audience -without compromising privacy.

Smart Zones Predictive Look-Alike Modeling

Automated Predictive Modeling

Our patented automated predictive modeling software discovers what is unique about any customer file, location, or website activity by turning that information into actionable marketing intelligence.

What are the benefits of using the Smart Zones platform?

Semcasting Smart Zones® provides true cross-device IP targeting capabilities, look-alike modeling, and the ability to reach audiences across display, video, mobile, Internet radio, IPTV, and social media channels.

B2C and B2B Online Targeting

100% Audience Reach

Smart Zones Cookie-Free Privacy

Cookie-Free Privacy

Semcasting is a First-Party Data Provider

Data Rich

Smart Zones IP Targeting Across Devices

Device Independent

Semcasting Overview Datasheet

Smart Zones Overview

Download the Smart Zones Overview.

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Semcasting Smart Zones Profile Report Download

Smart Zones Profile Report

Download a sample Smart Zones Profile Report.

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