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A Minneapolis Dealership group sought to grow sales to customers that would not only purchase a vehicle, but also be likely to service that vehicle, with the dealer in the future. Dealers in the Auto Industry categorize these customers as “HLV” (High Lifetime Value) sales. In addition, Semcasting was challenged to prove the incremental effectiveness of HLV advertising by tying campaign performance directly to vehicle sales that occurred in households that had never transacted with the dealership in the past.

Semcasting met the challenge by implementing their SmartTarget Conquest Platform which is specifically designed to help dealers identify prospective HLV customers. SmartTarget Conquest is the only dealer marketing solution designed to address the unique nuances of each dealership in the generation of new HLV sales prospects.

Having access to the dealer’s transactional data, a custom model was built based on the dealer’s existing HLV customer base. In this custom predictive model, Semcasting qualified and scored households based on current vehicle and service information, as well as distance to the dealership, affluence, and lifestyle. The highest resulting scores met HLV criteria.

High-scoring households with a previous transaction were suppressed, leaving only high-scoring households who had no transaction history with the dealer. Semcasting ran an online advertising campaign to these incremental HLV households and measured the results against a control group of households that met the HLV criteria but received no display advertising.

The SmartTarget Conquest solution, built on Semcasting’s patented IP targeting solution, was able to reach to all of the associated devices of the HLV audience at an average frequency of three impressions per day, per household, for a 60-day period. At the end of the campaign, Semcasting evaluated the resulting car sales from both the campaign and control audience. The final results are as follows:

    auto dealership profit per sale

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