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A national window blinds and shades franchise engaged Semcasting to increase the number of website leads. The company had a specific consumer profile to target but they were not getting enough visits to the site and didn’t have access to the necessary information to nurture anonymous visitors.

The franchise’s second objective was to reach and maintain an average Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) of $100 or less for purchases driven by display advertising that were completed via the website. Requests for information are followed up on by local sales associates, ideally leading to a sales conversion.

Semcasting applied a multi-step process to increase website traffic, qualify site visitors, and bolster lead conversions.

A qualified audience was derived from its proprietary database of 145 million households and 65.1 million homeowners. By focusing advertising on 300,000 buyers of newly-built homes and 2.5 million buyers of existing homes within the past year who also had household incomes of over $100,000/year, Semcasting delivered approximately 6 million impressions over 3 months to increase both brand awareness and web traffic.

Semcasting applied its Universal Data Exchange (UDX) technology to analyze site visitor behaviors. With a UDX tag on the brand’s website, segmentation schemes were created to categorize unknown visitors. The goal was to identify higher probability candidates that were likely to convert and receive special follow up. Semcasting was able to use these site interactions to construct a customized, predictive model that could be applied to site interactions, optimizing the dynamic content and conversion workflows for visitors. The model allowed Semcasting to refine the metrics on a continuous basis and improve the definition of a “quality” audience each month.

Semcasting successfully met the client’s objective of driving CPA down to an average of $100 or less CPA over the course of 3 months through this multi-step optimization effort. In fact, the average CPA went from $151.52 in Month 1 to $83.33 in Month 2 to $69.44 by Month 3. Of the homeowners that entered the workflow, approximately 10% of them converted to qualified leads and sales opportunities.


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