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Reach Home Improvement Prospects in Any Trade Area

Smart Zones for Home Improvement

Reach Your Best Prospects in ANY Trade Area

Home improvement contractors, manufacturers and retailers derive a large portion of business through online marketing. Whether it is for repairs, appliances, a new addition or for preparing the garden for spring, new customers start online by reviewing the available products and services. The home improvement industry has responded by quickly expanding into every online marketing channel, especially search, display, video and mobile advertising.

With 85 percent of prospects online, suppliers have had to find ways to reach home improvement prospects by targeting them on their laptops, desktops, mobile phones and tablets, no matter where or when they are online.

Smart Zones

Smart Zones is like direct mail online, giving marketers the ability to carefully define and reach home improvement prospects by key variables of the industry: home value, length of ownership, age of home, as well as discretionary income, net worth and life stage of the owners. With over 750 verified demographic and socioeconomic attributes for consumers and firmographic attributes for businesses, marketers are able to target consumers and service providers with minimal waste.

Any offline list can be converted into Smart Zones, giving you nearly 100 percent reach to everyone on that list if they are online. These audiences can then be converted into device-independent zones for targeting with no onboarding costs. All zones can be used to precisely target a select audience across most ad networks through programmatic real-time bidding (RTB).

Smart Zones is effective in supporting the home improvement vertical by providing 100 percent online reach to both homeowners and suppliers. Without using cookies, tracking or inferred segmentation, Smart Zones provides coverage to 249 million people and 18 million businesses in the U.S. and Canada. With nearly half of consumers blocking cookies at the browser or network level, and many mobile devices not supporting third-party cookies, Smart Zones is the most comprehensive and accurate audience targeting available.

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