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Semcasting Partners with AppNexus on IP Zones

Andover, MA (November 1, 2012) – Semcasting, Inc., a leader in audience targeting and enhanced data solutions, today announced its partnership with AppNexus, a world leader in real-time advertising delivery technology. The announcement marks the integration of Semcasting’s audience targeting system, IP Zones, into the AppNexus platform.

“Advertisers and agencies are clearly frustrated with the current state of audience targeting; inconsistent and spotty access to qualified prospects and robust media inventory are both needed to drive better ROI,” said Ray Kingman, CEO of Semcasting. “Scale in your Audience and Scale in the Media need to come together in a single transaction environment—and this is where AppNexus delivers.”

Through this relationship, buyers on the AppNexus platform will be able to acquire Semcasting’s IP Zone packaged audience segments, covering hundreds of consumer and business categories from within the AppNexus Console. Additionally, Semcasting will provide Custom IP Zone Audiences for individual clients. Custom IP Zone Audiences are defined using the same multi-variant analytical techniques a CMO uses to define target prospects for any other marketing channel. IP Zones uses its patent-pending technology to analyze these same prospects and directly convert them into fully qualified prospect audiences.

“AppNexus delivers the broadest possible access to both brand-focused and direct response inventory. Provisioning high quality inventory for display, video, and social that can be targeted at scale using IP Zones is synergistic in making the online advertising experience more verifiable and effective for our clients,” added Kingman.

IP Zones uses patent-pending technology to cluster audiences of consumers and businesses into over 25 million “virtual” neighborhood segments in the U.S. without applying any pixel tracking or cookies. Because no cookies are utilized or required to identify a prospect, IP Zones is able to define and qualify 100% of the online user audience in real time for every campaign—and on every site. The cookie-based standard for advertising is limited in reach because many of the cookies are not active, or are being blocked by the browser. Multiple cookies in a data segment can also represent the same unique user. This structural inefficiency has been measured by the industry and only 25% to 35% of each cookie-based data segments are likely to be active at the time of a campaign.

With IP Zones, highly qualified audiences are built using genetic algorithms that combine network attributes in a big-data environment of demographic, Firmographic, and socio-economic data variables. IP Zones provides a transparent view into the audience that will be reached in each campaign, based on 225 million users in 15 million consumer IP Zones, and 19 million businesses in over 11.2 million business IP Zones. With an average of 600 IP Zones per zip code, and over 750 attributes defining each zone, IP Zones offer dramatically better reach and precision than any of the current cookie-based standards – all without challenging privacy.

IP Zones is delivering average clickthrough performance improvement of 128% across 300 campaigns in twenty consumer and business categories. Non-profits and political campaigns are delivering an average of 53% lift and financial services, travel & entertainment are delivering over 200% lift.

Semcasting will be attending the ad:tech Conference at New York’s Javits Center, November 7-8, booth #1945. IP Zones was selected as one of the best new technologies at the 2011 show. You may request a meeting with a Semcasting representative by clicking here.

About AppNexus

AppNexus is the world leader in real-time advertising technology, serving the largest and most innovative buyers and sellers of online advertising, including Microsoft Advertising Exchange, Collective and Technorati Media. Led by the pioneers of the Web's original ad exchanges at Yahoo!'s Right Media and Google's DoubleClick, AppNexus offers the industry's most advanced technology platform that empowers companies to build, manage and optimize their entire online advertising businesses. Based in New York City, AppNexus is backed by an outstanding group of investors including Microsoft, Venrock, Kodiak Venture Partners, First Round Capital, Marc Andreessen, Ben Horowitz and Ron Conway. For more information, visit www.appnexus.com.

About Semcasting
Semcasting is an innovator in Data and Audience Targeting solutions for consumer and business marketers seeking to reach qualified prospects when, and where, they are ready to transact. Our IP Zones Audience Targeting platform effectively links the mailbox with the modem, providing advertisers with 100% reach, advanced levels of data accuracy, and comprehensive and compliant privacy for real-time bidding, display and video advertising environments. Semcasting uses big-data methodologies and our patented genetic modeling platform to automatically integrate demographic, Firmographic, socio-economic, behavioral, and transaction data to define highly qualified audiences across multiple channels. For more information, visit www.semcasting.com.

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