Case Study | Auto Group Converts Car Buyers Early in Journey


A regional dealership group approached Semcasting looking to target existing customers most likely to be in market for a new car. The thought process being that by identifying and engaging with these customers early they’d be less likely to defect to a competitive dealership. While the dealership provided their current customer list, the insights needed to qualify the audience is something only Semcasting’s proprietary attribution technology could identify.

The dealership’s goal was to see an increase in incremental car sales, evaluated against a control audience, which was identical to the campaign audience but did not receive advertising.


Semcasting was able to develop a targeted audience based on the dealers existing customers who recently visited an automotive publisher website and only had a service transaction.

  • -Semcasting identified 48,198 service customers with a website visit based on IP address matching.
  • -12,007 of these customers served as the control audience, and as such, were suppressed from being served ads.
  • -The remaining 36,171 received targeted marketing campaign display ads built and served by Semcasting’s managed services team

At the end of the campaign, the two audiences were evaluated to see how many car sales came from the campaign and control audience base.


Campaign Audience Results
Compared to Control Group

+24.6% higher
Closing Rate

Incremental Profit

31% faster
Conversion Rate

After the campaign ended, it was discovered that the campaign audience closing rate (.91%) was 24.6% higher than the control audience (.73%). With those metrics Semcasting was able to show the dealership group achieved an incremental 81 car sales by the end of the campaign. These Sales produced incremental profits in excess of $140K when compared to the control group performance. Additionally, the campaign audience converted 31% faster than the control audience – 55 days vs. 72 days purchase after a service transaction.

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