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A major employee services firm specializing in purchasing consumer goods via direct payroll deduction was seeking a more efficient path to drive enrollment and encourage usage within participating companies.

Their main pain point was the inability to direct specific ad messaging to employees of pre-qualified organizations at the scale necessary to generate the right ROI. Rather than waste time and money on non-participating organizations, Semcasting met these objectives through a cost-efficient digital display campaign supported with an attribution solution. This made it possible to match sign-up and purchase results to each of the target companies, and to individual branches.


Through a series of campaigns, Semcasting refined the process to increase enrollment among new employees while simultaneously driving more direct purchases.

  • -The first campaign utilized Semcasting’s patented Smart Zones technology to reach all eligible employees on connected devices, at pre-qualified companies, by targeting network and connected devices by IP addresses.
  • -This was enhanced by Mobile Footprints, a real-time device graph created through the collection and analysis of nearly 40 million devices linked to IPs and locations every hour. This innovation allowed Semcasting to target employees both at the office and at home during evenings and weekends, dramatically increasing unique user reach during prime engagement periods.
  • -Semcasting’s unique ability to translate IP addresses to associated home and work locations allowed employee sign-up and purchase conversions to be matched back and attributed back to the pre-qualified individual companies on the target lists. This supported continuous optimization of the campaign to drive increased return on investment.

As a further refinement to this program, Semcasting launched a follow-up campaign for the holidays that segmented large organizations into individual branch locations for conversion attribution. Semcasting utilized this data to refine ad spend to the employees of top performing locations.

20% Conversion Rate | Click-to-sign-up or purchase

Over the course of three quarters, Semcasting was able to drive a 20% click-to-conversion rate – conversion being a new employee sign-up and/or a product purchase. The client’s success led to the expansion of the program to a larger group of target companies, as well as running a separate campaign to recruit new organizations to join as participating partners.

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