Event Marketing for a Lasting Impact

Businesses are looking for better ways to reach and identify attendees at a conference or an event.  Often the digital marketing strategy will include a geo-fence around the location to […]

High-Lifetime Value Acquisition Solution Introduced

By Marketing

Dealer Marketing Solution Highlight in SmartTarget Conquest is Semcasting’s highly targeted marketing solution that attracts brand new High-Lifetime Value (HLV) customers to your dealership. These HLV customers not only have the ability […]

Omni-Channel Lead Generation from Your Website Traffic

By Marketing

In B2B marketing, the favored tactic is “Account-Based Marketing (ABM).” ABM systematically provides structure to the management and qualification of business leads. In consumer-facing marketing — retail, storefront, financial services, […]

Permissible Purpose

By Marketing

Permissible purpose. It is a legal term. It has been used to regulate the use of certain kinds of sensitive data for advertising and other legitimate direct mail and CRM […]

Creating Value with the Unknown Fan

By Marketing

Now that Super Bowl LII is behind us, teams across the NFL have started their official break. When they return, free agency and the draft will capture the hot stove. […]