Generating Leads Online and Offline

By Ray Kingman

The Virtuous Circle of Online Behavior Generates Leads The life blood of sales is access to quality leads. This is especially true in Business-to-Business marketing, but it is also applicable […]

User Portraits and Attribution

By Marketing

The challenge of digital attribution solutions is that they are built on datasets that force marketers to extrapolate a conclusion based on small bits of data. If our audiences live […]

Chain of Custody: Offline to Online Attribution

By Ray Kingman

It’s become painfully clear that cookie matching isn’t cutting it.  Customers are rightfully demanding higher levels of transparency to the audience being targeted, as well as proof that the audience […]

Clear and True: Ethical Boundaries

By Ray Kingman

Sitting down with colleagues at lunch the other day the conversation wandered into some dangerous territory. The topic, you see, was to recount and, in a small way, sit in […]