Closed-Loop Attribution and the Customer ID

By Marketing

As Multi-Channel Strategies Increase, Marketers Need to Close the Loop A recent IAB report found that the majority of marketers, media buyers, publishers, and digital advertising technology executives felt that […]

A Need for Audience Transparency in Marketing

By Marketing

Why a Transparent Audience Outweighs Online Intent We are the last members of an entire generation of marketers who have been trained in the power and glory of behavioral targeting. We’ve championed […]

A 3-Step Digital Event Marketing Strategy

By Ray Kingman

Digital Event Marketing Beyond the Geo-Fence Digital advertising is often overlooked in trade show and event marketing. The most common digital tactic involves setting up a geo-fence around the event […]

Reforming Digital Audiences

By Marketing

Deterministic Online Targeting: Direct Mail Online Every marketer would prefer transparent, deterministic data in the audience building process. CRM files, direct mail lists, and website visits clearly represent the kind […]

Local Marketing with Reach and Match-Back

By Marketing

Telecom and Utility Targeting Requires Transparent, Deterministic Technology Before a telecom or utility company launches a marketing campaign, they need to know two things: that a customer has viable access […]