Connecting In-Store Walk-in Traffic with Mobile and Website Activity

Connecting In-Store Traffic with Mobile and Website ActivityConnecting In-Store Traffic with Mobile and Website Activity

Creating Transparency between Each Offline and Online Touchpoint

The success of a digital marketing program is determined by the path that the consumer took to a purchase decision as well as the purchase itself. Consumer and B2B marketing can touch many channels, and attributing a sale to the channel that had the most impact is highly valuable for ongoing optimization processes.

It can be especially difficult to validate the touchpoints of the offline and online consumer; for example, a user who saw an online ad, went to a website, and then visited a retail location. Users who are delivered an ad and click to engage can be set with a third-party cookie. However, consumers can’t be tagged with a cookie when they enter a retail store or when they use their mobile device.

Cross-device solutions are emerging because over 50% of online activity is now mobile. Yet linking mobile engagement to home networks, business networks, and in-store activity is still a challenge. This cross-device and cross-location identity barrier is the focus of our Mobile Footprints technology.

Semcasting Mobile Footprints™ identifies the mobile connections consumers make when active on over 154 million devices, covering both Wi-Fi and national carrier networks. By creating a unique consumer ID and location for every connection, Mobile Footprints maintains a rolling 30 days of analytic history to profile the home, business, and commercial footprints of the consumer. Generating unique IDs for each device allows a consistent connection when users are in the store on a carrier network, in the home connected to Wi-Fi, or when they are on their business network.

In addition, the linkage between a mobile device and a consumer’s cross-device activity in their home and business supports the deterministic measurement of every ad impression and the connections between each store visit.

These device and location connections are made leveraging our twice-patented Smart Zones technology, providing transparent offline-online linkage to over 250 million consumers, 140 million households, and 23 million businesses.

For more information on Semcasting Mobile Footprints™, download our overview.

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