Email campaigns help interested consumers become customers

Every company tries to engage online prospects by driving them to their company website and then encouraging them to register or setup an online user profile. However, users who might initially click on the link may balk at the thought of spending time setting up a user profile or sharing their contact information. Of those who do put in the effort, almost half will be unlikely to return if the company doesn’t reach out within an hour of their signup, according to ClickZ News.

The best way to ensure that those who do sign up, be it for a free trial or account, come back is by reaching out to them through email within 15 minutes of their initial registration.

“I received a couple of notification emails as part of that trial, but never got any “how-to” or “have you tried” emails that might have helped me take another step,” says Brian Massey of ClickZ News. “This is crucial in driving the next conversion: trier to user.”

Email campaigns are among the best ways to engage a company’s prospects and turn them into actual customers.

In order to ensure that your emails don’t simply end up in the trash box, it’s important that marketers pay close attention to a few key elements, Massey explained. First, it should instantly be clear who the email is from. The company name as well as what it is they do should always be included – never assume an online user is familiar. It’s also important that the email documents be grammatically correct and free of errors. And consumers who have already expressed interest, for example, by clicking on a link within an email and signing up at the page, should experience regular outreach through the same medium. Of course, doing so requires that the content of each email is compelling and unique. Finally – and perhaps most importantly – you need to ensure that the initial emails themselves are being sent to the right people.

Semcasting’s On-Demand Targeting can help businesses optimize their email campaigns to ensure they’re reaching out to the best-qualified individuals. By uploading a list of current clients, Semcasting uses patented predictive analytics to create highly specialized models of other likely candidates for a particular product or service. With their proprietary offline database, Semcasting can provide the essential data, such as demographic profiling and contact information, to help a business selectively target the most ideal prospects for its next email campaign.

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