Event Marketing for a Lasting Impact

Businesses are looking for better ways to reach and identify attendees at a conference or an event.  Often the digital marketing strategy will include a geo-fence around the location to serve ads to attendees while at the venue.   This may bring a limited degree of success by driving the targeted audience to take some immediate action like visiting a booth at a conference or dining at a local restaurant after the event.

Many marketers are looking to take this a step further by finding ways to identify and continue conversations with the attendees post-event.

The following solution brings event marketing to the next level by combining a mobile strategy to work hand-in-hand with geo-fencing for a full-breadth marketing strategy.

Step 1: Geo-fence the event location

Capture as much of your target audience by serving ads while they are at the event.

Step 2: Geo-fence locations near the event

Hotels, coffee shops, bars and restaurants near the venue are all great locations to geo-fence since event attendees are likely to spend some of their time on their mobile devices in these nearby locations before and after the event.

Step 3: Retarget beyond the event

The mobile strategy allows for post-event marketing by continuing to message attendees after the event. Mobile devices captured in steps 1 & 2 can be matched to home and business locations where the device was most often seen to extend messaging beyond the event.  In addition, demographic/firmagraphic data elements can be appended allowing for profiling and additional segmentation to help with future marketing efforts.  Semcasting Mobile Cross-Device IP Targeting, allows marketers more opportunities to reach the attendees to convey their message at a time when they are more likely to make a decision resulting in an increased number of leads/conversions.

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