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healthcare marketing attribution targeting healthcare insurance membershealthcare marketing attribution targeting healthcare insurance members

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A major health insurance company wanted to test digital media as a means of effectively reaching existing members with targeted messaging. To succeed, digital media would need to deliver on reaching unique users at scale and do it at a lower cost than existing marketing tactics.

The objective of the test campaign was to promote cost savings to client members by providing information on economical alternatives to their current brand medication. The client was able to provide member information but was concerned because prior tactics had historically proven incapable of onboarding or reaching more than a third of each target audience. With such low engagement rates, analytical insights were all but impossible. Campaign success would hinge on the ability to cost-effectively match and reach as many members as possible with messaging that was relevant for the needs of that member.

In addition to maximizing match rates and unique member reach, the client was interested in building into each campaign a robust attribution and feedback mechanism that would dynamically evaluate the effectiveness of each campaign and measure ROI.

Over the course of eighteen months, Semcasting designed and implemented a program of digital outreach that involved creating dozens of customer audience segments that would constantly evolve based on performance and measurement through attribution. The essential component was Semcasting’s Patented IP targeting solution, allowing 85%+ offline-to-online matching as well as full attribution from ad serving to member engagement. This success in reach and attribution allowed Semcasting to create additional granular campaign segments based on refining the grouping of members into higher performing segments. Rigorous testing and data collection yielded profiles of the best treatment group segmentation, the optimal time window for targeting, the most efficient message frequency distribution, and the preferred creative messaging for each member.


The campaign exceeded client expectations by doubling conversion rates as compared to the prior year’s marketing plan. As the relationship continued, the client‘s internal analytics team began reviewing the results with the objective of optimizing performance to additional cost savings measures. Their conclusions credited the program with a 500%+ ROI in prescription drug cost savings.

Semcasting has implemented an aggressive program of data collection to support onboarding, custom targeting, and attribution efforts to align with the client’s increased demands for specialized programs. Future campaigns will allow for member actions related to their specific prescription research on landing pages to be attributed back to the data file. This will allow for further program refinement as Semcasting seeks to isolate the best targets for digital treatment and lower program costs by optimizing the pool of viable prospects for each program.

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