In the News (Week of June 30): The Problem With the Cookie

In the News (Week of June 30): The Problem With the CookieIn the News (Week of June 30): The Problem With the Cookie

Wait, aren’t cookies dead yet? This week an AdExchanger piece, contributed by Jordan Mitchell, asks how we can solve the problem with the cookie – which is seemingly never ending. His answer: a universal identifier. Mitchell argues that to satisfy both the concerns of publishers as well as the privacy issues of consumers, the industry must pinpoint a common identifier methodology for all devices.

Sure, a universal, user-managed identifier would solve the multiple cookies per user problem—which is what makes a lot of the cookie-based world unsuccessful to begin with. But in the end it’s just a smarter cookie with better coding.

Honestly, a universal identifier agreed upon by the industry as a whole is not a reality. Why waste time tilting at windmills when you can reach consumers without having to deal with any form of identifier?

Using tools like Semcasting’s Smart Zones enables you to targets audiences while protecting consumer privacy. Using publically available information –like property data, census data, federal government survey data and Federal Reserve reporting—you can reach your desired audience with 100% accuracy and 0% chance of privacy invasion.

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