Improving the efficiency of communication is a critical business challenge for the healthcare industry. With greater than 85% Internet participation in many health markets, the Internet can reach more unique consumers than radio, television, or direct mail.

Semcasting has built an actionable Medical Healthcare Data Suite (MHD) to address the marketing and outreach needs of healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and insurance organizations. Semcasting MHD provides a unique Big Data perspective by packaging the publicly-available information on U.S. healthcare service providers, common diseases and chronic conditions, as well as generic and brand drug distribution patterns. Combined with Semcasting’s patented IP targeting solution, Smart Zones, advertisers and brands can reach ideal audiences to realize optimal ROI.

The Proof Is in the Numbers

Over 265 Million Individuals, 125 Million Households, and 295 Million Unique Mobile Devices per Month

Reach three times the number of unique users in the U.S. and Canada on the devices that they prefer.

Reach Qualified Audiences Based on Actionable Data

Optimize outreach based on the distribution patterns of over 550 prescription drug classes, 3,000 brand and generic drugs, 200 provider specialties, and healthcare service frequencies.

Target Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Providers

Target a universe of 2.1 million physicians and caregivers identified to over 200 different specialties, 6,500 hospitals, and 120,000 labs and clinics.

Smart Zones Data Activation

The issue facing agencies and brands in the Healthcare and Insurance industry today is that cookie-based targeting is no longer a reliable way to target customers. To reach the right audiences, marketers must embrace IP targeting. Semcasting’s audience IP targeting solution, Smart Zones, allows you to do just that. Using actionable data, marketers qualify Healthcare and Insurance audiences with greater accuracy and increased unique user reach.

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Smart Zones Industry Overview

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