Unique User Reach, Transparency and Time-to-Market.

Improving the efficiency of public communication is a critical business challenge for the healthcare industry. With greater than 85% Internet participation in many health markets, the Internet reaches more unique consumers than radio, television, or direct mail. Executing against communications requires superior unique user reach and the ability to measure performance.

People-based IP-Audience Targeting at home, at work, and the locations where your customers transact.


Smart Zones Data Activation

Unique Healthcare Data

Semcasting built the Medical Healthcare Data Suite (MHD) to address the marketing and outreach requirements of healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and insurance organizations. Semcasting MHD packages publicly available information on 2.1 million HCPs with their Specialties and office locations.  We cover over 125,000 labs, clinics and hospitals as well as generic and brand drug distribution patterns that fall within HIPAA recommendations.

Actionable Data Onboarding

Reaching the Right Healthcare Consumer

One of the challenges of healthcare marketing is that in each enrollment period insurance providers have to balance new customer acquisition goals against coverage risk.  To address this, marketers require access to accurate customer profiles. Superior onboarding match rates are required to meet coverage and audience segmentation requirements.  Most importantly they demand the Attribution proof that the households they want to contact are the ones being reached.  Semcasting provides superior audience profiling, 2X the onboarding reach, and a built-in Attribution solution.

Profile Reports with Actionable Offline Data

Privacy in Healthcare Marketing

Semcasting is a primary compiler of Medical Healthcare Data. The data is sourced from public data that does not include any personally identifiable information. Care was taken to comply with HIPAA guidelines to only relate demographic attributes to clusters that can never be re-identified back to a household. Semcasting follows IAB, DMA, GLBR and HIPAA guidelines and is both HiTRUST and Trustwave Certified.


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Smart Zones Industry Overview

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