Unique User Reach, Transparency and Time-to-Market

Home Improvement companies are challenged with identifying and targeting homeowners with the right property profile and financial resources that characterize a profitable customer. Smart Zone IP targeting connects consumers in the market for home improvement with the right products and services (contractors) they may need to hire. Semcasting audiences will also identify contractors by industry (NAICS) or service categories (builder, plumber, landscaper, etc.) and link them to Home Improvement prospects.


Smart Zones Data Activation

Mission Critical Home Data

Knowing details about the home is important aspect of building targeted audience for home services. Details from Semcasting’s proprietary data like the age of the home, square footage, home value, length-of-residence, lot size and discretionary income helps Semcasting identify household audiences. With over 750 variables for every home our Automated Predictive Modeling (APM), produces a custom model to identify the best targets in a trade area.

Actionable Data Onboarding

Turn Website Visits into Lead Generation

All home improvement companies are looking for leads. The marketing efforts of a billion dollar industry are designed to drive consumer prospects to a website where they can research a product or service. Smart Zones Leads leverages current marketing initiatives by turning web traffic into named, qualified leads. These leads can be used to build a look-a-like model, retarget qualified prospect with digital or follow up with the prospect directly.

Profile Reports with Actionable Offline Data

Attribution: Tracking a lead to the right marketing initiative

For agencies and marketers, attributing a lead back to a marketing channel has always been a challenge. Smart Zone IP targeting can link an impression, a click and even an online or offline purchase deterministically to the original audience that was targeted.