As it becomes more difficult to reach and engage voters, it is critical for campaigns to apply complementary tactics such as digital and mobile outreach.

Politics is about fundraising, message management, and getting out the vote. Compared to the average 30% reach of cookie-based targeting, Smart Zones IP targeting provides three times the reach to nearly every voter in any city, state, district, or precinct. Campaigns can target their voter and donor lists or build an audience using Semcasting’s actionable data warehouse. Smart Zones supports voter registration goals, donor profiling, targeting activist interests and propensities, GOTV outreach, and more.

The Proof Is in the Numbers

Reach Over 145 Million Registered Voters

Reach more than 145 million registered voters in any neighborhood or congressional and local district using Smart Zones IP targeting. Match rate on files is traditionally 85-95% with no onboarding fees

Build Voter Activity Profiles using Actionable Data

Target voter activity profiles based on verified offline data, including primary participation, donor activity, high value contributors, repeat contributors, or interests in Special Causes.

Extend Audiences with Mobile Targeting

Use Mobile Footprints to match voter lists to a universe of over 295 million unique mobile devices per month and reach them at home, at work, or both.

Smart Zones Data Activation

The issue facing agencies and brands in the Political and Advocacy industry today is that cookie-based targeting is no longer a reliable way to target customers. To reach the right audiences, marketers must embrace IP targeting. Semcasting’s audience IP targeting solution, Smart Zones, allows you to do just that. Using actionable data, marketers qualify Political and Advocacy audiences with greater accuracy and increased unique user reach.

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