Unique User Reach, Transparency and Time-to-Market.

Political Advertising is about fundraising, message distribution, and getting out the vote. Timely Reach and Transparency to specific voting blocks is essential. Semcasting onboards the voter registration database to its Smart Zone IP Targeting each month. When compared to an average 30% match rate of cookie-based targeting or social matching in the 40% range, Smart Zones IP targeting provides twice the coverage of unique voters by party and interests.

People-based IP-Audience Targeting at home, at work, and in the locations where your customers transact.


Smart Zones Data Activation

Onboard Your Target Voter List

Custom build your target voter and donor constituencies using Semcasting’s actionable data warehouse. Onboard more than 145 million registered voters by special interest, party, donor status, state, congressional or local district. Match rate on voter files are historically 85% without any duplication.

Actionable Data Onboarding

Cross-Device Voters

Mobile devices are crucial to political campaigns. With Smart Zones IP Targeting, mobile devices can be linked to the voter’s home and work networks as well as public locations such as a rally or a convention. Smart Zone IP targeting for politics currently has a match to over 145 million registered voters at over 375 million devices and networks complete with their donation and activism profile.

Profile Reports with Actionable Offline Data

Omni-Channel Voters

Digital outreach to voters today can involve the use of Search, Social, Display, Mobile, Video and Connected TV. With Smart Zones IP targeting solution, voters in a specific audience will remain uniquely aligned and natively supports omni-channel matching across platforms.


Tourism Use Case

Smart Zones Industry Overview

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