Unique User Reach, Transparency and Time-to-Market.

Telecom and Energy services marketing is highly competitive, requiring broad access to consumers and businesses based on service area applicability and appropriate customer profiles. Smart Zones IP targeting solution allows these organizations to identify consumers, households, and businesses by their precise location and their financial profile with approximately 85% coverage. Telecom offerings can also be targeted by their current ISP provider and the coverage area provided to the marketer. Semcasting’s proprietary actionable data warehouse will supply robust consumer and business profiles to support segmentation.

People-based IP-Audience Targeting at home, at work, and the locations where your customers transact.


Smart Zones Data Activation

Reduce Waste by Improving Your Targeting

In the high volume service markets there is a distinct benefit in eliminating the consumer prospects who are already your customer or those who do not fit the profile you want to target. Smart Zones IP target provides the benefit of maximum unique user reach, household or territory specific targeting, and robust profiling capability that help eliminate prospects that don’t fit your goals.

Actionable Data Onboarding

Segmentation by Service Area and Provider

Smart Zones IP targeting audiences support multiple geo-segmented IP audience targeting capabilities — including by zip, zip+4, postal codes, and specific household or business parcels.  We also support direct onboarding and suppression of current customers and competitor lists in order to eliminate wasted marketing dollars.

Profile Reports with Actionable Offline Data

Attribution: Optimize Your Audience & Profitability

Digital attribution of online advertising can help you optimize segments and drive profit. With Smart Zones deterministic attribution is available for matching back the impressions served to the audience provided and the conversions achieved.  With SmartTarget Attribution we can report whether the audience you intended to target online actually saw your ad.


Tourism Use Case

Smart Zones Industry Overview

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