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Travel and entertainment is often linked to affluence and the user's online behavior and interests. Entertainment and Event consumers are also associated with locations and specific events. Semcasting’s Smart Zones IP targeting solution connects consumers who have the resources and propensity to travel with appropriate messaging from advertisers. Prospects can be identified based on hundreds of data attributes, including age, lifestyle, affluence, and their interests. Audiences can also be derived on the Smart Zones platform by simply onboarding a CRM file of known travelers or generating a look-alike model audience. Smart Zones IP targeting makes it easy to build a list of qualified prospects and link them to website engagement.

People-based IP-Audience Targeting at home, at work, and the locations where your customers transact.


Smart Zones Data Activation

Reach Audiences Based on Interests, Affluence and Current Customers

Identify qualified travel and entertainment consumers and reach them at scale with offers that match their lifestyle and interests. Smart Zones IP targeting offers custom and look-alike modeling qualified by hundreds of actionable data variables.

Actionable Data Onboarding

Attribution: Optimize Your Audience & Profitability

Digital Attribution of online advertising can help you optimize segments and drive profit. With Smart Zone IP targeting, deterministic attribution is available for matching back the impressions served to the audience provided and the conversions achieved. We report whether the audience you intended to target actually saw your ad.

Profile Reports with Actionable Offline Data

Turn Your Website into a Lead Generation Asset

In travel and entertainment your website is a core asset. Virtually all of your marketing efforts are likely to drive your engaged customers to your website at some point. Unless the user fills out a form or buys something from the site – that user can be lost. The SmartTarget leads travel and entertainment solution leverages existing marketing investments to let you automatically identify new prospects at scale.


Tourism Use Case

Smart Zones Industry Overview

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