The Organizational Dilemma: Leads at Scale

Lead Generation at ScaleLead Generation at Scale

At every business review or sales planning meeting, the question asked of marketing is always the same: “How many leads did you generate last month, and how many will you generate next month?”

In a marketplace that is increasingly turning digital to fuel the engine of lead generation, certain tactics are employed to collect and validate leads. Building a Sales Funnel — and its cousin, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) — leverages digital tactics like SEO, email, display, and video. None of these strategies can be ignored; in fact, they work together more often than not. However, as scrutiny increases around individual channels and return on investment, we need to remember that the dilemma of marketing is not the perfect tactic or even the perfect lead, but rather lead generation at scale.

Whether your marketing is B2B for enterprise products or B2C for retail or catalogues, you need to fill the top of the funnel so the funnel doesn’t starve. You need potential accounts for the ABM marketing qualification hierarchy to do its job.

One of the best resources for leads is your website. Prospects who have seen your direct mail, email, and digital ads will often land on your site. They don’t always fill out a form or download a white paper, but they have voted with their behavior to have some interest in your product or service. Unlike retargeting, which simply churns this interest, capturing and immediately turning these visits into qualified top-of-the-funnel leads will shortcut the identification process and straightforwardly deliver leads at scale.

Through an onboarding and conversion process, solutions like Smart Zones turn the IP address of a website or landing page visitor into a name, address, email, and phone number. As a result, individual or organizational contacts are produced, and B2B or B2C organizations can apply this patented technology to filter by age, gender, income, industry, employees, revenue, or hundreds of other qualifying attributes. These leads are transparent and can be personalized around specific page and product visits, built into mailing lists, or simply handed to a sales team.

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