News Alert:Semcasting is offering to append their Digital Activity Score (DAS) to Brand's first-party data at No Cost.

Measure Audience Engagement

Semcasting’s Digital Activity Score (DAS) provides marketers with a means to holistically measure your audience engagement before the first impression is delivered. It will help you to personalize your audience segments, set optimal frequency caps, and allocate segment budgets before your first campaign starts.

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Planning Matters

Now, you can plan campaigns with a new dimension of insight into your online audiences. Digital Activity Scores are created from 281 million Internet users analyzed for programmatic display, video, and connected TV activity. Users are indexed based on their Internet engagement, repetition, and time spent on sites collected across multiple Internet touchpoints, both from mobile devices to network home and onsite business usage.

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Step 1: Append Your Data

Append DAS

We will append our Digital Activity Index to your data at No Cost. With this score you can better plan the impact of your data on the campaigns you are planning.

Step 2: Clean Your Data

Clean Your Data

We will normalize your customer data files at No Cost in a secure environment. We process your files, run them through address normalization, fill in missing address fields, and return the results to you.

Step 3: Size Your Data

Size Your Data

At no cost use this opportunity to identify true counts of who you will be able to reach online when the time comes.

Gain access to nearly all US & Canadian households

Semcasting’s 3-time patented technology powers Identity Resolution to networks and devices, enhancing CRM files, emails, locations, or IP log files with thousands of attributes per record. Activate empowers network, location and cross-device reach across programmatic, TV, social, native, display, audio, direct mail, and beyond.

Omnichannel Identity Graph Includes

265 Million Real People

132 Million Households

21 Million Businesses

4.2 Billion IP Addresses

365 Million Active Mobile Devices

28.6 Billion Retail POI Engagements

40 Million CTV Devices

220 Million Property Parcels

Why Do Industry Leaders Choose Activate?

Higher Match Rates & Quick to Market

Semcasting supports CRM or list onboarding from virtually any data type, including emails, phones, location, device IDs, and postal addresses for people-based matching. Campaigns go live in hours, rather than weeks, with an 85% average match rate.

Power of Data

The demographic, psychographic, and transactional attributes of individuals, businesses, and devices are the DNA of any audience. Semcasting's modeling and audience optimization technology utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to refine an audience’s performance for every campaign.

Prove Your Marketing Works

Semcasting offers Attribution and Matchback process. Connect your ad impressions, clicks, abandoned forms, and in-store traffic to CRM audiences, online purchases, and offline transactions. Measure the effectiveness of each audience for every marketing campaign on any media-buying platform in real time.

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Keep your Data Safe

Your data safety and privacy law compliance is our priority.

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