Multichannel Trading Desk Varick Media Management Partners With Semcasting to Broaden Audience Targeting Capabilities

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Semcasting Smart Zones Now Available Through the Varick Lens DMP

NORTH ANDOVER, MA – (December 3, 2013) – Semcasting, a leader in enhanced data solutions for audience targeting, today announced a partnership with Varick Media Management (VMM), a data-driven trading desk for brands and independent agencies. VMM will now be able to identify and reach targeted audiences using Semcasting’s Smart Zones technology. Semcasting provides a turnkey approach to connect online and offline data, enrich it with more than 750 targetable variables and use it to reach 100 percent of a target audience without compromising consumer privacy.

VMM’s data management platform (DMP) — The Lens — uses first-party data from multiple sources to create high-quality audiences for multichannel programmatic marketing campaigns. Semcasting will allow VMM to expand its reach with audiences of more than 225M consumers and 20M businesses, improve its accuracy with unmatched multivariable targeting and adhere to the highest standards of privacy protection.

“Our goal is to use all available technology to target ads on behalf of our clients,” said Keith Gooberman, Vice President of Trading and Platform Operations at VMM. “A large part of this process includes getting behind the curtain and understanding what goes into the targeted capabilities. Semcasting’s approach — to reach consumers based on literally hundreds of attributes at the IP-address level — gives us another tool to employ the most effective audience targeting. We now employ them in conjunction with the usual cookie based 3rdparty data for stronger branding execution.

“Marketers are waking up to the reality that current models based on a fixed identifier like the cookie just aren’t going to work much longer,” said Ray Kingman, chief executive officer of Semcasting. “Smart organizations like VMM are looking for ways to supplement traditional audience targeting approaches. They recognize that Smart Zones provide a better, broader and safer way to help brands connect with customers and prospects regardless of channel, device or touch point.”

As traditional media channels are becoming addressable, VMM and other marketers are seeking insights into the audiences they are able to reach through them. Semcasting can take in audience data from a variety of sources, including postal address, IP address or email address, and match it with existing audience information. This allows a deeper understanding of existing customers, the identification of lookalike prospects and the ability to reach all groups more effectively through digital media.

“We’re still early in the process of enriching and expanding our use of audience data with Semcasting,” said Gooberman, “but what we’re seeing is very positive and promising.”

About Semcasting
Semcasting is an innovator in data development and audience targeting for both online and offline marketing. Semcasting’s patented predictive modeling platform — based on automated genetic algorithms — is core to the development of Smart Zones and a proprietary compiled database covering nearly all U.S. residents. Semcasting modeling and data is used or resold by the top consumer brands in the U.S. and by three of the top data resellers. For more information, visit

About Varick Media Management
Varick Media Management (VMM) launched in 2008 as the first data-driven trading desk for agencies and brands. VMM’s skilled human capital leverages granular audience insights and real-time bidding through a multi-bid tech approach to drive outcomes.

About The Author

Ray Kingman | CEO

Ray has been at Semcasting, Inc. since its inception, leading the company in the development and commercialization of its automated targeting and data offerings. As an experienced innovator in content management, analytics and data visualization fields, Ray directs the day-to-day operations of Semcasting, Inc.