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Most digital B2B programs focus on the keyword buys and inbound marketing tactics that are considered Business Marketing 101. Inbound programs serve their purpose in finding the users who are looking for you online, but it is often a challenge to generate enough usable leads with this tactic alone.

With programmatic audience-based display advertising, B2B marketers have increasingly moved online — taking their mailing lists and turning them into digital contacts through an onboarding process. The results of matching an address file to cookies or digital IDs can be underwhelming; average match rates can be as limited as 35–40%, and B2B lists may achieve less than half that. This strategy also involves heavy optimization of media to reflect the interests of the target professional in the organization, whether it be product management, IT, or sales.

Media optimization is a good idea, but it is especially relevant due to the fact that most companies operate off a network that screens and blocks third-party cookies. This is why the match rates are so poor. In order to connect with a target prospect in a company and reach enough unique users to create scale, alternative tactics like IP Targeting are required.

One of the benefits of IP Targeting is that onboarding a file to IPs will, in most cases, return a match rate above 80%. Furthermore, the IPs can be identified to precise locations. With mobile in particular, this resolution to a location allows marketers to reach many target audiences at work and at home.

With Mobile Footprints you can expand and focus the target audience to reach company employees inside the office on mobile devices and on the company network, outside the office, and at home. You can even identify participants of conferences, trade shows, or rallies in the same industry and link those IDs back to the company.

B2B online display marketing is moving beyond one-dimensional inbound tactics and taking on a more robust form of qualified outreach. When you onboard your prospect lists or turn your website visitors in a mailing list, these activities all contribute to a proactive digital lead generation model for your business.

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