The Importance of Offline Data in Online Advertising

The Importance of Offline Data in Online AdvertisingThe Importance of Offline Data in Online Advertising

Offline Data Addresses Audience Transparency Problems

While online behavioral targeting has evolved into an ad tech standard, it increasingly isn’t telling marketers the full story.

Consumers don’t exist in an online-only universe. Though an online purchase or a web search may contribute to an audience profile, they don’t fully define it. A packaged digital ad segment may be an easy place to start, but the resulting lack of transparency and limited unique user reach don’t offer efficient results.

Offline, one consumer can be defined by hundreds of data variables describing actions, product ownership, affluence, and life stages. These points of deterministic consumer data provide the basis for a qualified audience and real marketing scale.

Audience-driven advertising needs to come from a combination of online and offline context. Offline data creates a qualified audience base, so you know you’re reaching the right person. Online data and media optimization close the marketing narrative, so you know you’re reaching your target at the right time.

Semcasting Smart Zones™ was built with this data-centric focus. Our proprietary database includes over 750 data variables associated with consumers and businesses in the U.S. and Canada. Variables range from the basic (age, income, family composition, business size, business revenue, and more) to the more nuanced (Recession Sensitivity rankings that identify how much pressure a household feels in the current economy, or Business Owners at Home files that link the work and household locations of business owners, operators, and professionals).

To bring an offline audience into online channels, Smart Zones does not rely on live cookies. Instead, Smart Zones employs a twice-patented process for mapping offline targets to online Internet delivery points. Nearly 90% of offline audiences can be matched to a Smart Zone and targeted online across any device.

To learn more about our Smart Zones proprietary database, download our Data Variables datasheet.

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