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In B2B marketing, the favored tactic is “Account-Based Marketing (ABM).” ABM systematically provides structure to the management and qualification of business leads. In consumer-facing marketing — retail, storefront, financial services, and even politics — the traffic that comes to your website is one of the clearest indicators of interest there is.  A consumer site visit often means that user is contemplating engaging with your brand.

When consumer or business leads come from a conversion – a form fill, call center or direct mail – the action you need to take is clear. The problem with this tactic alone is that a form fill is often too far down the funnel to create commercially viable scale.

With website traffic, however, an anonymous visit can be the result of an organic search, driven by display advertising, video or mobile advertising. Because digital advertising is a lot like broadcast, the touch points with the consumer can also cross over to email, store visits, or even television.  All of these touch points count.

An objective in consumer marketing is to refine your opportunities so they can become a large pool of candidates. Going in one direction to link known prospects to digital delivery points requires onboarding first-party CRM or prospect lists to digital delivery points, allowing marketers to use digital to “remind” a qualified prospect that the opportunity to purchase is there. Useful – but somewhat limited in utility and impact.

Going in the other direction, however, opens new opportunities. In select situations it will redefine your digital strategy for consumer marketing at scale.

The power of being able to “onboard” a person who shows up as website visitor, an ad impression served in a display campaign, and an in-store visit or a purchase can be a game changer. Onboarding digital signals allows for linking user engagement to ALL OF THE TACTICS that drove them to the website. Onboarding a website visit, an advertising impression, or a store visit can all be linked back to a sale. This opens up additional cost-effective channels of engagement that you can now validate as having a statistically relevant return-on-investment worth using.

UDX-Leads provides a common and persistent key for businesses, households, people, and devices across the entire digital ecosystem. A captured ad impression, click-through, website visit, online purchase, and even an in-store visit can be converted into a name and address. These names and addresses are then enhanced with data variables – often relevant to the industry you are a part of.

People don’t live, work and play in just one place, UDX-Leads bridges the gap between a device, person, household, and a work place in order to support Omni-Channel Lead Gen.

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