Reach the Best Online Prospects for Financial Services

Reach the Best Online Prospects for Financial ServicesReach the Best Online Prospects for Financial Services

For financial services organizations lead generation is serious business.  For example, it costs on average $80 to acquire a new credit card customer, but the return on investment skyrockets if that customer keeps the card active for more than three years.  Beating out competitive financial services firms by reaching qualified, new customers is increasingly occurring via digital channels, particularly through display, video and mobile advertising.

The question then becomes, how do financial service organizations manage to target and reach all potential prospects, on all of their devices (tablet, smartphone or personal computer) when  only about one third of the qualified audience has an active cookie available for targeting.

Our Smart Zones audience targeting platform enables marketers to reach the best online prospects for financial services by optimally outlining audience segments by more than 750 verified demographic, socioeconomic and firmographics factors such as income, net worth, discretionary income and ITA scores.

For a premium credit card vendor that wanted to promote a holiday offer for a cash-back credit card, Smart Zones provided the best solution to identify and reach its target audience (homeowners with children and an income above $150,000). Using Smart Zones and its built-in genetic algorithms, audiences were identified and scored based on the top 18 percent of households who were homeowners with incomes over $150,000, and of a favorable age and family composition. This pool of unique users was then converted into zones and targeted across all devices using RTB exchanges.

With the ability to convert any offline list into Smart Zones (at no additional onboarding costs), financial services organizations would have the unique advantage of reaching nearly 100 percent of qualified prospects every time. These prospects can then be converted into clusters of optimal concentrations of individuals or businesses with similar attributes, with no dependency on cookies and thus entirely privacy compliant.

Through programmatic real-time bidding across most ad networks, the aggregate zones can be used to accurately target a select audience of prospects.

Optimized campaign performance with no guesswork—reaching the best online prospects for financial services is as easy as a click of a button.

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