New Semcasting Marketing Appliance Fuses Offline and Online Data for 100% Reach and Enhanced Accuracy Without Tracking or Cookies

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Provides a Cloud-Based Solution to Enhance Audience Data and Improve Customer Engagement
NORTH ANDOVER, MA – (October 7, 2013) – Semcasting Inc., a leader in enhanced data solutions for audience targeting, today introduced the Semcasting Marketing Appliance, a cloud-based self-service platform that for the first time links customers and prospects across all online and offline marketing touch points. Using the company’s patent pending Smart Zones Technology, the Marketing Appliance allows marketers to link online and offline contact points and enrich them with more than 500 Semcasting data variables. The Appliance also provides a set of optimization tools — designed for onboarding and appending data, running predictive analytics, creating reports and managing data hygiene processes. These powerful capabilities have never before been integrated together into a single platform.

Many marketing organizations have made significant investments in CRM systems, analytic tools and marketing automation platforms to help them identify, understand and connect with their customers and prospects. The challenge comes with the proliferation of data collection opportunities, including shopping carts, registered customers, website log files, social networks, email, etc. To bring all this information together in meaningful ways, organizations are forced to tap third-party onboarding firms or enter into data append contracts that involve long-term lead cycles and consulting fees. Even then, the results typically match less than 20 percent of online users.

The Semcasting Marketing Appliance solves these data challenges by providing a universal key and common data framework that supports nearly every touch point, returning results when they are needed and at scale every time. The Semcasting Marketing Appliance sits alongside any existing corporate marketing platform and provides direct access to rich data, cross-platform onboarding capabilities, analytics tools and reporting to make campaigns immediately actionable and more effective.

“The Semcasting Marketing Appliance was designed to connect the full range of marketing touch points with the analytic, profiling, data enhancement and cross-platform onboarding requirements needed to bring offline audiences online for display or mobile advertising campaigns,” said Ray Kingman, CEO of Semcasting. “Now all customer and prospect data types — regardless of the platform of origin — can be linked together by our Smart Zones. This provides 100 percent audience reach, better accuracy and a superior approach to privacy for targeting consumers or businesses online.”

“We have been working with Semcasting for years,” said Grant A. Johnson, founder and CEO of Johnson Direct & Digital, a multichannel marketing communications agency. “Once I explain the unique and vital benefits of the Semcasting Marketing Appliance and Smart Zones, especially how easy it is to onboard and append critical data to CRM systems, 9 out of 10 prospects end up signing on the dotted line. The Appliance has simplified many of the most challenging aspects of our clients’ internal marketing efforts.”

Some of the major capabilities the Semcasting Marketing Appliance offers include:

  • Easy Onboarding: provides a simple and intuitive cross-referencing tool that allows marketers to use their valuable offline customer data to create qualified online audiences in an immediate and actionable way.
  • Universal Key: allows marketers to link website, shopping cart and advertising click data with rich multi-variable offline data without compromising consumer privacy.
  • Audience Segmentation: use postal addresses, email addresses or IP addresses to generate audience lists that can be appended with more than 500 data elements — ranging from consumer affluence, home values, life stage, product ownership and social profiles to business headcount, revenue and NAICS category — for more than 249 million U.S. consumers or 18 million U.S. businesses.
  • Smart Zones Analytics: provides insights where and when it matters most. Respond to RFPs with customized reports and audience counts and profiles. The Auto-Modeling feature can be used to instantly create look-a-like audiences based on existing customer or prospect lists.
  • Proven Performance: audiences based on the Smart Zones technology have already been deployed in more than 1,000 campaigns for finance, travel, auto, politics and more. Smart Zones’ unique capacity to deliver 100 percent qualified reach based on multi-variate data has driven an average lift of 125 percent over behavioral targeted campaigns.

Availability and Access

The Semcasting Marketing Appliance is available now to qualified marketing professionals who are engaged with or working in corporations with CRM platforms, marketing databases, analysts, ad tech, media planning and more. For most organizations the Appliance will be free and will provide secure individual access to summarized demographics, personalized reporting and data standardization and hygiene services. Certain data append services and Smart Zones audience deployments as a result of models, audience selections or onboarding will carry a CPM cost. Organizations interested in accessing the Appliance or learning more should contact Semcasting at

About Semcasting

Semcasting is an innovator in data development and audience targeting for both online and offline marketing. Semcasting’s patented predictive modeling platform — based on automated genetic algorithms — is core to the development of Smart Zones and a proprietary compiled database covering nearly all U.S. residents. Semcasting modeling and data is used or resold by the top consumer brands in the U.S. and by three of the top data resellers. For more information, visit

About The Author

Ray Kingman | CEO

Ray has been at Semcasting, Inc. since its inception, leading the company in the development and commercialization of its automated targeting and data offerings. As an experienced innovator in content management, analytics and data visualization fields, Ray directs the day-to-day operations of Semcasting, Inc.