Proof You are Reaching the Right Audience

One of the challenges of audience targeting and onboarding is that the process has historically taken place in a black box. Onboarding a CRM list to a cookie or a device ID doesn’t even return a reliable count of unique users. With Semcasting's The Attributor we assign a persistent ID to the IP address in the match process so that we can prove performance through the delivery of impressions, a click-through, website visits and even an in-store purchase.

We believe that every campaign process should include proof of performance in the form of online to offline attribution.

Smart Zones Data Activation

Attribution has to be Deterministic

Up until Smart Zones Attribution has been impossible to prove because cookies and device ID match were limited to 30% unique match rates.  A poor match rate obscures the connection between an on boarded list and the cookie.  Attribution based on a sample with modeled results is no longer good enough.  With Semcasting’s The Attributor  results are deterministic.

Actionable Data Onboarding

Attribution of a Store Purchase

The objective of any campaign is to generate a purchase.  Attribution methods before Smart Zone only worked if the purchase took place online and on the same machine as the cookie.  With Semcasting’s The Attributor a purchase in an online store or at a physical storefront can be verified.

Profile Reports with Actionable Offline Data

Connecting Attribution to Your Website

Smart Zones Attribution supports ABM funnel management. A tag on your site creates a log that records anonymous visits to each page on your site.  Logs are automatically collected, encrypted, and posted to a secure safe haven where the visit can be matched to the impression and sales file.


Tourism Use Case

Attribution Overview

The Complete Guide to Marketing Attribution

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