Actionable Data from Mission-Critical Industry Data

Using hundreds of public data sources and a patented predictive modeling process, Semcasting has built one of the most comprehensive, multi-discipline data warehouses of consumers and businesses in the U.S. and Canada.

With insights into specific industry data for:

  • Financial Service and Tax data
  • Healthcare Provider Services
  • Pharmaceutical Distribution
  • Home Transactions
  • Home Assessor Parcel dimensions
  • National Economic Forecast data
  • Motor Vehicle Purchase and Repairs
  • Voter Registration
  • SEC filings
  • SBA Business filings

Corporate data marketers have access to robust insights that move markets and influence how consumers and businesses transact.  When this data is combined with an organization’s first-party data it supports insight through profiling, predictive modeling, segmentation, data appends, and identifying online and offline delivery points.

Smart Zones data includes over 254 million individuals, 145 million households, 22 million businesses, over 400 million unique mobile devices, and over 1.2 billion digital delivery points.

Automated Predictive Look-alike Modeling

Automated Predictive Modeling (APM)

Our Automated Predictive Modeling software uses genetic algorithms and machine learning. APM completes in an hour what take weeks in standard Regression Modeling. APM leverages hundreds of data variables in each model to generate thousands of models per local market. The great benefit of a genetic algorithm and machine learning is in its ability to discover the subtle differences in the data for each market and deliver more accurate results with better coverage.

Offline Data Sources and Privacy Protections

Data Sources and Management

Semcasting is a primary data source provider. This means we compile and own all of our online and offline data. We supply our data to a number of database marketing data organizations who use our data to enhance their Fortune 100 client databases. The Semcasting offline data is updated on a monthly basis and goes through source and postal updates including CASS Certification and National Change of Address correction. Smart Zones IP targeting data is updated every 15 minutes to resolve the IP and device relationship. Campaigns based on Smart Zones are synched to the DSP’s and update daily.

Semcasting data sources include:

  • Department of Commerce: IRS
  • Voter Registration
  • Home Transactions
  • Vehicle Purchase & Repair Data
  • Physician and Healthcare Giver Data
  • Disease State Data
  • Prescription Distribution Data
  • Federal Reserve Data
  • Voter Contributions Data
  • Assessors Property Parcel data
  • Bureau of Economic Analysis
  • Housing Management Development Association
  • Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
  • National Phone Directory
  • Wireless Positioning Services
  • IP Geo-Location Services
  • Mobile App traffic service compilers
  • American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN)