Putting Every Audience in Front of the Best Digital Media

Media Zones is the next generation in media optimization and audience targeting. With Media Zones, you now have the ability to pre-determine the contextual categories and website content that is preferred by your Smart Zones audience.

Campaign planners can now pre-optimize their media buy for each audience they want to reach through IP targeting. No more guessing or protracted optimization process. Upfront, brands and agencies can statistically identify the best websites to advertise on, and determine the optimal bid price, ad size, time of day and day of week before the first impression is served.

Media Zones is available with every campaign on the Smart Zones platform.


Audience Targeting and Media Alignment

As programmatic real-time bidding has matured, bidder optimization has become a campaign standard. However, using only post-launch optimization ultimately wastes money and impression counts before realizing benefits. Properly aligning media buys with audience targeting efforts solves this problem by serving ads to those who are more likely to respond. Media Zones aligns your audience with their preferred media before any ads are run in order to generate optimal audience, contextual, and performance synergy.

Profile Reports with Actionable Offline Data

Performance Profiles

Media Zones compares the performance of your audience to the performance of all audiences in a category. Based on the historical performance of over 4,000 campaigns and billions of impressions in 265 contextual categories, Media Zones provides media planners with a profile report of expected results.

Real-Time Bidding Optimization

Real-Time Bidding Optimization

Media Zones is built for RTB programmatic campaigns. It evaluates the best campaign bid price options, providing insight on each media buy that can be correlated to a plan for success.

Ad Size and Day/Time Optimization

Ad Size and Day/Time Optimization

Each ad size has a distinct performance profile for each audience. And each audience has a preferred day/time they want to view those ad sizes.

Automatic Media Segmentation

Automatic Media Segmentation

Media Zones automatically builds category performance and site segments that allow you to select sites and build custom whitelists and blacklists for each audience.

Tourism Use Case

Media Zones Overview

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Media Zones Sample Report

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