Mobile Footprints Parcel-Location Targeting

Semcasting Mobile Footprints provides informed access and one-to-one mobile targeting to any device regardless of whether they are connected to Wi-Fi or a nationwide carrier-based network.

Semcasting Mobile Footprints provides one-to-one Person-Based Mobile targeting to any audience whether they are connected to Wi-Fi or nationwide carrier-based networks.

Mobile Footprints automatically identifies mobile devices at any location and links them to household and business networks in Smart Zones. This native cross-device platform provides transparency to any audience with full omni-channel digital access.

One of the distinguishing features of Mobile Footprints is that it goes well beyond arbitrary grid location matching. Mobile Footprints matches device activity to over 138 million parcel locations for homes and businesses based on the precise property dimensions recorded by the Assessor’s office. Within these property parcels we match to all devices on the lot and append attributes for nearly 70 million single family homes, 6 million multifamily properties, 3.9 million stand alone businesses, and over 7 million shared business locations.

Smart Zones with Mobile Footprint supports “on-the-lot” targeting of public and private venues such as colleges and university campuses, convention centers, auto malls, public parks, military bases, stadiums, arenas and business campuses.

Smart Zones Data Activation

Person-based Onboarding with Mobile Footprints

Mobile Footprints provides person-based, one-to-one audience resolution.  We are able to identify over 72% of any audience at a one-to-one level. Devices matched to shared locations are linked to demographic and behavioral attributes.

Actionable Data Onboarding

Mobile Footprints is a Native Cross-Device Solution

Mobile Footprints automatically identifies all of the devices in a home and/or business.  This linkage provides insight about each person-based match and it optionally extends the potential audience opportunities to the marketer.

Profile Reports with Actionable Offline Data

Mobile Footprints Data Updates

Mobile footprints data is process over 30 million signals every 15 minutes. Updates occur in the Smart Zones IP data every three hours, and all active audiences are updated at least once each day.


Tourism Use Case

Mobile Footprints Overview

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