Unique User Reach, Transparency and Time-to-Market.

Smart Zones® IP Targeting is a full service audience management platform for marketers who need to accurately target prospects at their digital delivery points online. The Smart Zones IP targeting solution provides:

Designed to serve the needs of brands and agencies, Semcasting Smart Zones® delivers superior ROI and conversion results by providing full transparency in audience building and matching process.

Semcasting combines online and offline data to improve the efficacy of display advertising through intelligent IP targeting.

What’s different with Smart Zones IP targeting?

Smart Zones® IP targeting provides true one-to-one IP targeting capabilities to over 120 million network and over 400 million mobile devices. Smart Zones IP targeting is able to reach audiences at scale across display, video, mobile, Internet radio, and connected TV.


Identifying prospects across multiple digital platforms can be time consuming.  Matching prospects to their digital footprint often falls short. The reason is that over 30% of consumers are using ad blocking, and 51% of the desktop and mobile browsers do not support third-party cookies. The effective match rate to an offline postal or email list is between 20% and 40%.  Improving that match rate to 70% or even 85% when you onboard or select an audience list effectively doubles (2x) your unique user reach – dramatically improving the odds of campaign success – it is simple math.

Smart Zones IP targeting is a twice-patented technology that doesn’t use cookies or traditional identifiers to locate and serve a campaign.  With Smart Zones your CRM prospect list can be leveraged at twice its potential.


The matching process to email or device matching alone can lead to a serious loss of audience integrity.  People-based matching is a worthwhile ideal, but to make this claim you have to be able to prove that the person you onboarded is the person you served an ad to.  Did this person visit your store or make a purchase? Being able to provide full transparency to a person from “audience to purchase” is now possible with Smart Zones IP targeting.

One benefit of Smart Zones IP targeting is that an onboarded list can now be deterministically linked to an impression, a click-through and even an online or offline purchase.


SmartTarget onboarding is clearly differentiated by time to market. Traditional onboarding depends on populating the audience by exposing the records to the bid stream until an active cookie match is found – often this can take ten to fifteen days. Smart Zones IP matching doesn’t require any delay in launching a campaign or time to ramp up the audience.  In fact, a Smart Zone audience fully matches to your CRM on the first day and is then automatically refreshed each day for current device and location. Rather than waiting weeks for an audience of unique individuals to build up, your audience is fully populated and ready to go in minutes with Smart Zones.

Smart Zones IP audiences automatically synch & update the Demand Side Platforms making it possible for customers to have near immediate access to a fresh audience with full transparency to the number of unique users being reaching.

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Smart Zones Profile Report

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