Semcasting Wins Flight After Presenting at National Sports Forum Tech Tank

National Sports Forum Tech Tank 2018National Sports Forum Tech Tank 2018

Our Sr. Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Services, Jessica Bicknell, will speak at National Sports Forum (NSF) in Frisco, Texas Feb. 11-13, 2018.

Bicknell will be presenting a NSF 2018 Tech Tank, Sunday, Feb. 11 at 4:30 p.m. in the “Ticket Sales and Strategy” flight. The talks in this flight will focus on new and unique ways for sports properties to increase their ticketing revenues, drive season ticket renewals, maximize inside sales operations and more.

During her session, Bicknell will dive into how Semcasting uses multi touchpoint attribution to connect online and offline user activity to help sports marketers understand who is attending specific games, how they bought their tickets, and where they went before and after the game. Sports marketers can leverage that insight to reach these attendees for future tickets sales and promotions.

The NSF Tech Tank series is designed to expose innovative companies to teams, sports properties and agencies. Participants will be given the opportunity to get thoughts and feedback from a world-class panel of experts in each respective flight. This Tech Tank will consist of three “flights” centered on specific technological trends in the sports industry:
1. Ticket Sales and Strategy
2. Corporate Partnership & Brand Activation
3. Marketing and Fan Engagement

“The sports industry is prime for distribution and innovation,” said Bicknell. “Sports marketers and teams of all sizes can capitalize the information that Semcasting’s technology provides in relation to understanding and reaching the unknown fan.”

The 23rd annual National Sports Forum, is one of the largest annual sports business conferences in North America. NSF gathers league, team, and property executives from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, NASCAR, UEFA, the Minor Leagues, NCAA, Auto & Horse Racing, and many more. NSF will convene to discuss the latest trends, ideas and innovations shaping our industry as we push the boundaries in sports and entertainment.

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UPDATE: Semcasting is proud to announce that Jessica Bicknell won in the “Ticket Sales and Strategy” flight. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our award winning ticket sales strategy.

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