Proof of Audience Performance via Deterministic Attribution


       252,000,000 consumers
       21,000,000 businesses
       165,000,000 property parcels
       400,000,000+ mobile devices
       65,000,000 WiFi locations
       425,000,000 emails

Download The Attributor Datasheet, Product Overview & Case Studies

Attribution is a necessity in today’s omni-channel marketing world.

“Multi-touch attribution determines the true value of each marketing channel. Instead of giving “credit” or “attribution” to only the last channel before conversion, all the channels are given due credit…” – TechCrunch, 2018

Until now, the only answer to the question of which marketing tactic works has been either crediting the “Last Click” or engaging costly consultants using statistical models that make a guess based on a sample of the data.

The Attributor is the first self-serve, omni-channel attribution platform that deterministically measures performance across the entire modern marketing mix.


  1. Summary of Matching by Audience via Email: Based on updates from the base DSP Impressions and/or the Web site traffic, The Attributor can be set up to automatically generate results on a schedule.
  2. Provides Matched Addresses with Referrer (UDX): For select Industry Standard Formats and/or industry-specific Data Management Systems, e.g. Automotive, new buyer records and/or service records from the audience can be automated to generate reporting.
  3. List of Audience Addresses *without* a Match: The Attributor uniquely identifies the members of the audience that matched and didn’t to impressions served or web site visits.