Turn Your Website Visitors into Named Leads

Universal Data Exchange (UDX) Leads is a self-serve B2B and B2C lead generation platform that automatically converts unknown website visitors into names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails.

Organizations invest in websites, search engines, and online advertising to improve reach and communicate with prospects. However, they rarely have a straight-forward mechanism for turning their digital contacts into qualified leads. UDX-Leads translates digital touchpoints into qualified prospect mailing lists, automatically pushing results to you every day, week, or month depending on your chosen subscription.

Closed-Loop Analytics and Campaign Matchback

Big Data and Machine Learning

UDX-Leads is built on a big-data platform that matches website traffic to over 265 million people, 170 million devices, 125 million households, and 23 million businesses. UDX-Leads applies Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to support each lead with a confidence score and consumer or business information prioritized for immediate follow-up.

UDX-Leads Delivers Leads at Scale to Both B2B and B2C Organizations

Each Business Lead includes:

  • • Company Name
  • • Address
  • • Phone Number
  • • Domain
  • • Industry Code
  • • Industry Description

Each Consumer Lead includes:

  • • Full Name
  • • Address
  • • Email Flag
  • • Gender
  • • Age
  • • Income

B2B Case Study: Turn Anonymous Website Visitors into Named Leads

UDX-Leads was implemented by a well-known U.S. business services company as a way to leverage their website to create leads at scale for their sales team of over 100 representatives nation wide.

Using UDX-Leads they generated the following results in just one month:

  • • 8 million website page visits
  • • 460,599 matched unique IPs
  • • 126,251 named organizations

B2C Case Study: Build In-House Mailing Lists

A group of dentists signed up for UDX-Leads to identify site visitors that represented potential new patients. As each new patient had an average annual value between $800 and $1,200, the dentists directly turned the leads into direct mail lists for immediate follow-up.

One month of UDX-Leads generated:

Webpage Visits Mailing List Leads Potential Value @ 10% Conversion Rate
Dentist 1 1,659 738 $72,000
Dentist 2 266 99 $10,000
Dentist 3 1,369 436 $40,000
Dentist 4 12,327 2,102 $210,000