Case Study | Dallas Mavericks Get 380% ROI on Fan Engagement

NBA team increases ROI in ticket salesNBA team increases ROI in ticket sales

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It’s not easy being a competitive franchise in the NBA. In addition to being an expert at acquiring and managing talent, there is also tremendous pressure to build a loyal fan base and stay relevant within the local market. Doing all of this while making a profit requires expertise from team management as well as a solid performance from internal and external marketing resources. Semcasting has worked with multiple NBA franchises and has found tremendous success engaging the fan through digital advertising.

Dallas Mavs increase their ROI and cost per acquisition in ticket sales

Semcasting worked in an evolving role with the Dallas Mavericks. Starting as a simple supplier of audience and digital advertising services, it grew to applying advanced digital tactics to build a 360 degree view of existing ticket buyers and finding new and innovative ways to engage with prospective ticket buyers. Using online and offline data, Semcasting was able to provide multi-channel insights, increased ticket sales, and access to the “Unknown Fan.”

Semcasting’s strategy and approach began with building robust profiles of existing ticket buyers.

Profiling the Fan Base. By appending dozens of demographic and behavioral variables such as discretionary income, home values, interests and distance to the arena to two years of CRM data provided by the team, a profile was built to define common attributes and create a Single Ticket, Season Ticket and Website Visitor predictive models.

Revealing the Customer Trade Areas. The fan base was analyzed by where they lived and their business commute. Utilizing Semcasting’s Mobile Footprints, the CRM and the game day fan base at the American Airlines Arena was geo-fenced. Their smart phone signals were mapped across their commute to identify patterns and “hot spots” in the fan base. In addition, geographic information further informed the models and allowed Semcasting to identify local foot traffic prior to the game.

Who is the Unknown Fan? The strongest indicator of interest in the team starts with identifying the people who visit the Mavericks’ website. These “Unknown Fans” may have purchased only one ticket, or may not have purchased at all. Collecting the visits to the website and turning them into named prospects that could be scored and segmented was done through Semcasting’s UDX-Leads platform. The results were deployed as online advertising audiences prioritized by model scores, visits, and the closed sales.

The Dallas Mavericks provided Semcasting with relevant creative designed to support ticket-buying interest. Semcasting created a media buying program based on common media categories that are frequented by the target audience


The Dallas Mavericks provided key inputs and data to the program supplying both CRM information and website traffic before and during the campaign. This allowed Semcasting to place pixels on landing pages as well as online ticket forms. With this access the online advertising spend could be fully attributed, and the effectiveness of the varied segments could be tested and evaluated for future use in identifying the “Unknown Fan.”

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