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Semcasting provides agencies and marketers with privacy-safe first-party customer data solutions, supporting identification, activation, and performance measurement across the entire digital ecosystem.

Semcasting pioneered cookie-free identity resolution with Semcasting Smart Zones™, its unique multi-touch constellation approach that dynamically spans multiple digital identifiers in real-time.

Whether you are onboarding your CRM files for campaign targeting, running multi-platform attribution, or building your own first-party identity graph, the Semcasting self-serve AudienceDesigner (ADS) platform empowers marketers to maximize reach with control and transparency.

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Constellation Multi-Touch Identity Resolution – Combines offline information,
IP network delivery points, mobile and broadcast devices,
location and context with machine learning. 


Proven Technology

Multiple identity resolution patents for IP, device, IoT and contextual identity


Take Control

Self-serve first-party identity graph with third-party enhancement data built-in and on-demand



Direct media integrations with the top DSPs, CDPs, Social, and CTV platforms

AudienceDesigner by Semcasting

AudienceDesigner by Semcasting (ADS) is a self-serve identity management platform that empowers marketers to activate their first-party CRM and prospect data, with integrated third-party data enhancement, lookalike modeling, direct media onboarding and post-campaign measurement.

ADS is also a privacy-safe clean room and audience-building platform where brands can construct their own digital first-party identity graph for accessing media and measuring audience performance.

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