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Semcasting provides marketers with a privacy-first 1st Party Customer Data environment supporting identification, activation and performance measurement across the entire digital ecosystem.

Semcasting pioneered cookie-free identity resolution with a unique multi-touch constellation approach to digital identifiers.

Whether you are Onboarding your CRM file for campaign targeting, running multi-platform attribution, or building your own 1st Party Identity Graph, our self-serve AudienceDesigner platform empowers marketers to maximize reach with control and transparency.




Semcasting is the next generation in Data as a Service Platforms, providing actionable intelligence for marketing services, CRM enhancement, and manufacturing logistics on any Internet-enabled device. Semcasting matches customers, prospects, and devices to the locations and media they prefer, enabling analytics and advertising to be targeted with nearly 100 percent reach and unrivaled accuracy. Semcasting is headquartered in North Andover, Massachusetts.

43 High Street, North Andover, MA 01845
Tel. (978) 684-7580