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First-Party Identity Graph Services Directly Connected to Media

Key Value: Cookieless Audience Reach, Control & Transparency

Whether promoting credit cards, checking accounts, mortgages or high-net-worth advisory services, being able to identify the right audience at scale is critical. Being able to do this without cookies is going to be required. Semcasting AudienceDesigner (ADS) allows financial institutions or their agencies of record to build their own first-party graph of customers with reach and transparency online, without employing cookies.

The customer CRM or prospect files must be onboarded and matched to a digital ID when targeting online. ADS employs a cookieless match that is unique to the customer with double the match rates to +85% on average. Within ADS, you can go to market with your onboarded audience in under an hour. You can also seamlessly conduct matchback attribution and lift studies across up to five multi-channel platforms for the same campaign.



Privacy and Compliance

A primary driver in financial services marketing, Semcasting has made significant investments to ensure that each step in the audience design process conforms to the strictest compliance measures as governed by GLBA. Semcasting is IAB, DMA, Trustwave, and DAA Certified. We follow FTC, GLBA, and HIPAA standard guidelines and are SOC2 Type II Certified.


AudienceDesigner (ADS)
ADS provides a clean room for financial service organizations to build their own proprietary digital identity graph in support of audience segmentation, attribution, lift studies, and measurement. The ADS first-party graph allows the organization to assign a proprietary ID to website traffic, ad impressions, and even in-branch visits in order to support campaign optimization for better ROI.


Qualified Affluence Targeting
Semcasting is an original provider of financial data covering affluence and econometric impacts to consumers. Our affluence data is used by top banks and card issuers to identify and enhance their knowledge of their best prospects. The Affluence Suite provides access to premium income, mortgage information, discretionary income, net worth and Invitation to Apply (ITA) credit scoring. We also provide marketers with data on invested assets, vacation property holders, and inflation and recession sensitivity.


Digital Activity Score
Understanding which consumers will respond online is one of the drivers of success with financial products. Derived from billions of impressions across thousands of campaigns by vertical, the Digital Activity Score (DAS) ranks digital engagement. This has proven to be especially helpful in financial service offerings as well as healthcare and political campaigns.. Knowing who is unlikely to respond online is just as important as knowing who will – the DAS score allows marketers to better understand how to deploy resources across different channels for greatest impact.


Campaign Attribution and Lift Studies
Financial services marketing is almost always multi-channel – programmatic display, social and connected TV (CTV). With the cookie being sunset and device IDs being deprecated, the ability to measure campaign performance is challenging. ADS’s unique constellation approach to identity resolution dynamically combines multiple online and offline identifiers. Financial marketers can build their own first-party graph in our cleanroom by associating one of many ID types to a person or household. This empowers match rates in attribution and lift studies as well as onboarding. Within ADS, onboarding, audience design, and attribution and lift studies are all in the single workflow of a campaign.

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