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Advanced B2B Campaign Management Support

Key Value: Employee Title Targeting At Work and Home

Offline data attributes for B2B audience targeting selections or customer data matching include company name, location, domain name, revenue, SIC code, NAICS code and employee count. Our B2B solution complements account-based marketing (ABM) or intender marketing tactics by allowing marketers to fill the top of the funnel with pre-qualified targets, at scale. Semcasting AudienceDesigner (ADS) supports CRM matching to employees at work and at home, and offers precise location targeting at the business location, parcel or custom trade areas or territories.




Title-Based Targeting

Semcasting Title-Based Targeting (TBT) introduces an entirely new approach to navigating the access and scale challenges that B2B Marketers face.  Title-Based Title uses advanced natural language processing and keyword intelligence.  TBT enables Marketers to reach people by job titles, industries, company, experience, and seniority.  TBT has coverage for over 90 million employee positions.



Title-Based Targeting
The key advantage of Semcasting Title-Based Targeting is reaching pre-qualified decision-makers at both their business and their home. TBT allows marketers to efficiently reach their best prospects across any digital device and media type - at home and at work at scale. Using TBT, an employee’s profile includes their title, company, industry, department, functional role, level in the organization, degrees and certifications.


Qualified Targets for ABM and Intender Campaigns
Qualified leads are required in order for the ABM and intender tactics to work efficiently. Don’t waste media spend and time searching for the right prospects. Scale matters and ADS provides access to over 94 million professionals to fill the top of the campaign funnel.


Employee Profiles at Home
are complete with consumer data about lifestyle, interests, demographics, and family composition with up to 400 consumer attributes.  


Employee Title Targeting Data
includes over 94 million professionals connected at both their home and the office. Approximately 1,800 normalized titles by level in 18 industry groups and over 16 million companies. The profiles are complete with consumer data about lifestyle, interests, demographics, and family composition with up to 400 consumer attributes.

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