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Innovation in Online Ad Measurement

Voter Outreach Campaign Marketing Services

Key Value: Optimal Online Reach & Control of Voter Communications

Semcasting provides digital campaign services to candidate organizations and their agencies as a managed service or through our self-serve AudienceDesigner (ADS) platform. We also support campaign management overflow services when needed. Semcasting has experience with event targeting, media optimization, and audience targeting for all stages of the campaign cycle – fundraising, messaging, and Get-Out-The-Vote.

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Real-Time Voter Measurement

Real-Time Voter Measurement addresses the need for Enhanced Voter  Transparency in response to cookie deprecation and device identifier restrictions.

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Speed. Reach. Expertise. Control

Semcasting is experienced in event targeting, media optimization, and audience targeting for all stages of the campaign cycle – fundraising, persuasion as well as Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV).



Self-Serve AudienceDesigner by Semcasting (ADS)

With a license for our ADS platform, users gain the ability to seamlessly match, segment, optimize, and deploy media with first-party voter lists. National voter registrations by district and precinct are easily accessible, along with valuable enhancement data from top political data vendors. The voter data is regularly updated on a monthly basis, capturing registrations, donations, activism, and issue preferences. Our exceptional match rates, surpassing 90% for the majority of voters, guarantee precision and efficiency throughout the campaign journey.

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Attribution or Match back

By utilizing a strategic attribution approach, campaign organizations and agencies can optimize their outreach and budget allocation. Whether utilizing ADS or partnering with Semcasting's Managed Service Team, Agencies or Brands can effortlessly monitor if the intended voter audience engaged with the ads, visited the candidate's website, or participated in an event.


Media Optimization
Campaign strategists have the power to fine-tune their media choices to perfectly cater to the preferences of your voter audience. Through ADS, a curated list of top media platforms is automatically generated for your audience through Semcasting's Media Zones, allowing for seamless integration into the media platform to craft a specialized campaign audience.


Multi-Channel Media Support
You can seamlessly target, deploy, and frequency cap your voter audience across display, mobile, social, and Connected TV (CTV) media within our ADS platform. Whether the campaign’s platform of choice is Facebook, Instagram, Xandr, Trade Desk, Roku, Peacock, Comcast, or one of a dozen others we are connected.

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