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Multi-Channel Proficiency

Our experts activate and optimize audiences across an array of platforms, including CTV, digital display, mobile, video, social media, audio, DOOH and direct mail.

Subject Matter Expertise

Our team consists of industry-specific subject matter experts who understand the nuances of your vertical, ensuring campaigns are both relevant and effective.

Campaign Execution

We are veterans in programmatic advertising execution and optimization. You can trust us to get the most out of every dollar spent.

Tangible ROI

We do the heavy lifting for you, enabling a positive return on investment (ROI) on your targeted digital advertising initiatives.

Expertly Managed Campaigns from Start to Finish

Seamless Activation and Optimization Across Platforms

Your search for a comprehensive, expertly managed campaign management ends here. Semcasting Managed Services offers an end-to-end campaign management solution that includes to audience targeting, predictive analytics, optimization and measurement. Leveraging our audience expertise and media access, we craft meticulously designed campaigns that meet your unique, vertical-specific needs.



Fully Transparent Performance Metrics

In addition to creating highly targeted audiences, we provide complete transparency in audience measurement. Benefit from our integrated audience attribution and measurement reporting that lets you gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns like never before.

Audience Targeting

Semcasting is a leader in audience targeting and data analytics. Semcasting's audience targeting includes the ability to onboard 1st party data, leveraging its compiled database for modeling and data selects and access to third party mission critical data.

Media Access

Semcasting has a comprehensive network of media partnerships that extends across Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs), social media platforms and Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs), empowering us to offer our clients an extensive array of advertising options.


Semcasting's team of dedicated AdOps professionals possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in the DSP Platforms and leveraging our audiences. Their deep understanding of various industry verticals enables them to skillfully optimize campaigns, ensuring they are fine-tuned to meet specific business objectives.


Semcasting places a strong emphasis on reporting and measurement for each campaign. Beyond the standard metrics such as Impressions, Clicks, Click-Through Rate (CTR), and Conversions, we delve deeper into evaluating the campaign's effectiveness by measuring who was reached, who came to the site and/or who visited physical store locations.

DSP Platform Seats
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Ideal for Mission-Critical Campaigns

Our managed services are perfect for multi-platform campaigns in mission-critical markets such as healthcare, finance, DTC, retail and business targeting.  Our expertise and access to all digital channels and platforms provides the support needed for success.   We collaborate with both agencies and brands, serving as a reliable managed services partner.

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Data Privacy Compliance & Control

Identity management and privacy compliance are not one-size-fits-all across every industry. The data compliance needs of healthcare and financial services with SOC2, SOC2 Plus, and GLBA are very different from those in retail, politics, or construction.

Our industry-specific public data compilation provides a unique, in-depth, domain-specific understanding of the needs in key industries such as healthcare, financial services, home services, travel, entertainment, retail and B2B. The privacy compliance mandates in these industries have been rigorously adhered to. Our robust data compilation services and domain expertise provide marketers with a cleaner path to campaign planning and execution.

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